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Monarch Marine Ve Brig 490

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09 Şubat 2024 - 17:03

Monarch Marine Ve Brig 490

Monarch Marine and Brig 490: High Performance and Safety at Sea

Brig 490: Aesthetic Design and Powerful Performance

Brig 490 is a Shim Ebot Model that Offers Superior Performance and Safety at Sea. This technological marvel, which aims to meet the expectations of sea enthusiasts with its features, is waiting for you with the assurance of Monarch Marine. Here are the Remarkable Features of Brig 490:

Monarch Marine has been serving with its professional team since 1997 as the reliable address for sea enthusiasts. Monarch Marine, which offers updated boat models in different sizes and models to suit the user’s demands every season, is proud to be the Turkish distributor of Highfield, the most preferred boat manufacturer in the world. Brig 490 Şim Ebot, included in its wide product range, attracts attention with its aesthetic design and technical features.

Design Enriched with Accessories: Brig 490 is Designed with Rich Accessories Such as Non-Slip Deck Surface, Safety and Carrying Handles, Navigation Lamps, 3 Towing and 4 Lifting Points.

Console with Luxury Seating Group: The Console of the Boat Equipped with Luxurious Seating Group Promises a Comfortable Sea Journey to the User.

Advanced Safety: Fully Equipped Safety Details Include Hard Tube Ends with Non-Slip Steps, Foot Pump, and Repair Kit.

Technicial Specifications:

Total Length (cm): 490
Total Width (cm): 215
Net Weight (Kg): 240
Height (cm): 114
Tube Diameter (Cm): 50
Number of Tubes: 5
Max Person Capacity: 9
Max Weight (Kg): 1200
Min Hp: 50
Max Hp: 75
Fuel Tank: None (L)
Shaft: L
Monarch Marine: Sea Enthusiasts’ Assurance

Monarch Marine, Mithatpaşa, Selanik Blv. It offers professional and quality service to you, our valued customers, at No:141/2, 34450 Eyüpsultan/İ̇stanbul. Monarch Marine, whose mission is to realize the dreams of sea enthusiasts with high quality boats, stands out with its expert team and uninterrupted after-sales support.

For Contact: (0212) 251 2050, Available on Weekdays between 09.00 – 18.00. Monarch Marine is here to make sea passions come true!

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