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Formula Yachting Xcel 70 Catamaran

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23 Nisan 2024 - 22:43

Formula Yachting Xcel 70 Catamaran

The new Xcel 70 model, built by XCEL Yachts of world-renowned shipbuilder Riviera Boat, sets a new standard in luxury and innovation. Introduced in 2025, this colossal catamaran is turning heads in the maritime world.

Formula Yachting, the dealer of XCEL Yachts in Europe, USA and Australia, acts as the representative of the vessel in these regions. Formula Yachting is ready to assist those who want to get information about the features, pricing and purchasing process of the Xcel 70.

At 23.5 meters (77′ 2″) in length, the Xcel 70 catamaran combines high quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art design. The spacious spaces on board are thoughtfully designed for a comfortable voyage, offering guests a comfortable and elegant sea experience.

XCEL Yachts’ chief engineers have skillfully integrated a number of innovative features, including the Xcel 70’s environmentally friendly hybrid propulsion system. This system combines conventional diesel power with an electric motor, making the vessel surprisingly fuel efficient.

The excellent construction on board reflects XCEL Yachts’ years of experience. The double-hull design enhances the vessel’s stability and ensures superior performance even in high winds and rough seas.

The Xcel 70 is designed to accommodate eight guests in its luxurious cabins. Wood paneling and modern color schemes create a warm atmosphere in each cabin.

Professional kitchen installations offer a variety of dining options on board, while state-of-the-art entertainment systems and electronics ensure that guests never miss a moment of entertainment.

The first ship is scheduled to be launched in 2025. Xcel 70 represents the beginning of a new era in the maritime world, perfectly combining luxury, comfort, safety and performance.

For further information and purchase, please contact Formula Yachting via the contact details below:

Giovanni Sorrentino

Formula Yachting: Europe, USA, Australia


Telephone: +971542692841

By highlighting the luxurious and innovative features of the Xcel 70, this news will attract the attention of maritime enthusiasts and set a new standard in the ship industry.

Specifications and features of the Xcel 70 Catamaran:

Model: Xcel 70
Condition: New
Length: 77 feet 2 inches (23.5 meters)
Width 29 feet 3 inches (8.9 meters)
Engines 2x Volvo Penta Inboard, 800 horsepower
Speed (Cruising): 18 Knot/20 MPH
Maximum Speed 23 knots/26.47 MPH
Model Year: 2025

Cabin and Accommodation

:Number of Cabins: 4
Bed Capacity 8
Materials and Construction:

Hull and deck: Molded GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) in sandwich shell structure
Interior Deck Floors: GRP sandwich
Vasistas Steps in Scaffolding and Stbd
PVC handrail with 316L stainless steel tips around the hull
Fuel Tanks:

Fuel Tanks: Two integrated GRP fuel tanks (3000 L), each with monitoring sensor and ventilation
Fresh Water Tanks: Two integrated GRP freshwater tanks (2000 L), each with monitoring sensor and ventilation
Black Water Tank: 2 integrated GRP black water tanks (500 L each)
Gray Water Tank: 2 integrated GRP gray water tanks (500 L each)
Windows and Doors: Fixed Superstructure Tinted Tempered Windows
Transparent Tempered Front Glass
Side Body Windows
Special Design Sliding Main Door with Variable Position

Deck Fittings and General Features: Deck Railings in 316L Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Wedges and Barriers
316L Stainless Steel Swim Platform Wedges
Deck Fillers and Water Tank Deck Removal Connection
LED Deck Interior Lights
Swimming Platform with Synthetic Marine Flooring
Custom Stainless Steel Manual Swimming Ladders
Deck Shower
Underwater Lights (blue color, optional)

Optional Features: Teak Wood in Natural Swimming Platform Area
Automatic Retractable Swimming Stairs
These features form an important basis for emphasizing the comfort, safety and performance provided by the Xcel 70 Catamaran.

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