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10 Şubat 2024 - 21:04


Cigarette: The Subtleties of the American Offshore Legend

The name “cigarette” evokes a unique feeling of excitement and freedom. It is filled with an energy that captures the soul of sailors; It is attractive, fast and eye-catching. Stylish and flamboyant; It is the symbol of adrenaline-filled “journey on the wild side”. But Cigarette Racing Team’s reputation is built not just beyond smoke and mirrors, but on building the best racing boats in the world – and has successfully continued to do so for over 50 years. “How fast is he going?” may be the typical first question, but it’s just the beginning of the “American Offshore Legend” story. Well, let’s take a closer look at the DNA of Cigarette Racing Team.

Faster, Safer, Cigarette Race
Performance is the foundation of Cigarette. Yes, Cigarette is famous for its high speeds, but that’s only part of it. The Cigarette boat is designed to handle harsh sea conditions, transport passengers safely and provide top performance in all conditions. From inboard high-performance boats to outboard center consoles, every Cigarette is carefully planned for optimum performance, durability and safety.

Advanced Engineering
Engineering is the heart of Cigarette. While the Product Development and Engineering department constantly pursues innovation and creative solutions, the Cigarette Labs department is an incubation project for the future. Advanced technology and engineering expertise make Cigarette one of the most advanced companies in the industry. Research is constantly used to achieve the highest standards in the industry.

Unrivaled Design
Cigarette’s design ethos is focused on creating performance vessels you can’t miss. Good looks are Cigarette’s signature. But beauty is not only found on the exterior, but also in practice. Every detail combines functionality and aesthetics in real life.

The Best in Craftsmanship
Cigarette is at the forefront of quality standards in the industry. Interior and exterior details are meticulously crafted and each boat is carefully crafted by passionate craftsmen based on decades of experience.

Cigarette Racing Team exemplifies the quality behind a Cigarette boat. Its state-of-the-art factory allows Cigarette to aim for excellence at every stage. Each Cigarette vessel is meticulously designed and manufactured to provide the utmost satisfaction in performance, safety and aesthetics.

Cigarette Racing Team is not just a boat manufacturer, it is an icon of maritime passion and engineering excellence. Each Cigarette vessel is made with knowledge from the past and a vision for the future. Therefore, each Cigarette boat continues to offer a unique and exciting experience for speed enthusiasts.

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