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Burger Boat Company

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10 Şubat 2024 - 14:20

Burger Boat Company

Burger Boat Company

Burger Boat Company

From Origins to Today
Burger carries three centuries of experience in the United States as the oldest and most respected private yacht manufacturer in the American yachting tradition since 1863.

Founded by German immigrants, the story of the Burger Boat Company is filled with revolutionary innovations, American craftsmanship, the spirit of collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to building the world’s best ships for work and play.

Burger’s Roots
The burger’s history dates back to when Simon and Margaretta Brauburger immigrated to America from the German village of Bad-Homberg-Ober-Erlinbach. Henry was 7 years old when the family came to America with their five children, including their youngest son, Henry.

Upon their arrival in America, the family shortened their name to Burger and set up home in New York. However, later discovering that the climate and geography of the Midwest were very similar to their homeland, the family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At age 18, Henry began his apprenticeship as a shipwright at the Wolf & Davidson Shipyard in Milwaukee.

In 1863, Henry moved to the small community of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and founded the H. Burger Shipyard there. His expertise and passion for building high-quality ships quickly became known throughout the Great Lakes.

In 1870, during the heyday of wooden sailing ships, Burger merged with other shipyards to expand his company and formed the Burger Shipyard. During this period, Burger also started ship repair work and continued it successfully.

Creating the Burger Name
Burger made a name for himself with successful projects such as LIZZIE METZNER in 1888. He then took a pioneering role in shipbuilding, building CORA A, the largest sailboat on the Great Lakes, in 1889.

In addition to sailing ships, Burger also showed interest in gasoline-powered ships as technology developed over time. He made the first motorized launch in 1901 and progressed successfully in this field.

Later Years and Achievements
Over time, Burger has become one of the leading custom yacht builders in the United States. During World War II, it produced many ships for the US Army and Navy, and after the war it became famous for luxury yachts.

Thanks to his commitment to innovation and quality, Burger began working with different materials such as aluminum and steel and further developed his custom design yachts. During this period, he produced many award-winning and world-renowned yachts.

Rebirth and Growth
Burger reopened in 1993 after a brief hiatus in the 1990s. Following its reopening, the company experienced massive growth and has produced many new yachts that can be seen in ports around the world to this day.

Today, Burger continues to build high-quality custom yachts, combining modern technology and tradition of craftsmanship. The design team is focused on providing customers with the best by collaborating with renowned designers around the world.

Burger also specializes in commercial shipbuilding and has accomplished successful projects in this field. Burger also remains a leader in commercial shipbuilding, with several projects such as all-welded aluminum ships for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Today, Burger Boat Company continues to move towards a future full of innovative projects and maintains its leadership in the private yacht industry.

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